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Training Mutts is owned and managed by Nadia Ruzicka.

Animals have always played a big part of my life. I had childhood dreams of being a veterinarian or a police officer. This resulted in an odd mixture of hospitality jobs, being a companion animals ranger, to working with greyhounds around NSW.

But nothing seemed to have the perfect fit.

All of this past employment has assisted in developing fantastic communication skills with people and a vast knowledge of animal behaviour, but there was always something missing.

I began working at Drummoyne Veterinary Hospital as a Puppy Preschool assistant with a great mate and mentor.

This ignited the fire that always was within.

To find my true purpose, as a Dog Trainer.


All animals have a unique approach in touching our souls and I feel that it is important to understand their behaviour and recognise how to build a stronger bond between our species.

There is scientific evidence to prove that Dogs can love and it is with this love and our understanding that your bond will grow deeper and stronger.

It is hard for me to pick just one animal in my life that has touched my soul and made me grow, but if I had to pick one that has taught me the most about dog behaviour and training, it would have be my Blue Cattle Dog Matilda.

Tills taught me to be patient, consistent and understanding of her needs. She taught me the value in providing not only physical activity to her, but also to provide her with mental stimulation and the importance of enrichment.

Tills was a shy dog and watching her interactions with others made me a better dog owner and trainer. She helped me to understand the intricate detail a dog gives off in their body language, the way a dog communicates with us and to slow down and set her up for success when training. 


These are all traits I continue to use when assessing dog behaviour and during training sessions.


Even though the dog training industry is currently unregulated, I am always studying to increase my knowledge about animal behaviour. The qualifications I currently hold are;

Certificate III in Dog Behaviour & Training

Certificate III in Companion Animal Services

Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services

Dangerous Dog handling certification

Authorised dog and cat identifier

Provide first aid for Greyhounds

Training Mutts is a member of the Pet Professional Guild of Australia. An association of Force-Free pet professionals.

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